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Swinging Wood Driveway Gates

Swinging Wood Driveway Gates
Celtic offers a wide variety of custom double sided and single sided wood driveway gates & walkway gates to match and also beautifully designed wood and iron Gates.

Our double sided gates are built with heavy gage steel frames hidden inside the wood to provide strength and decades of service.

These gates are made from a variety of beautiful species of wood from hardwoods like, IPE, Mangaris, Teak, and Mahogany etc and then more community used stain grade Cedar & Redwood. All these species are highly resistant to insect damage, including termites. All our wood is kilned dried, which adds strength and hardness to our Wood driveway gates, Wood garage doors & Wood fence segments.

All our wood gates are sealed with a penetrating oil based simi transparent stain, or oil based paint which protects the wood and gives a natural look. This is a three coat process; we have over 60 colors to choose from.